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Slideshow from the August 2013 Leader Training

Amrit and Nange (mother and son) demonstrate the "Eastern Greeting" Laughter Exercise at the August 2013 Training.

To help create contagious group laughter, we use childlike "laughter exercises." Each new leader "teaches" the group several exercises like this (there are hundreds to choose from!) during the training.

Carol demonstrates the "Beethoven at the Piano" laughter exercise at the April 2012 Training.

Matt demonstrates the "aloooooohahahaha" laughter exercises at the April 2012 Training.

Barbara demonstrates "the cocktail" or "the milkshake" laughter yoga exercise at the August 2013 training. We added silliness (that she didn't know was happening) in the background in the hope of this becoming viral on youtube. :)

The "Laughter Meditation" usually happens at the end of a laughter yoga session. Five minutes of diaphramatic laughter really floods the body with fresh oxygen! This is a little sample clip from the August 2013 training.

Following the "Laughter Meditation" is a silent meditation when we reintegrate our wonderful laughter work. Most everyone finds this time profoundly still, deeply relaxing and some even cathartic. Can you hear the stillness? August 2013 training.


Video Testimonials

Kate shares about her experience at the April 2013 Training.

Kathryn shares about her experience at the April 2013 Training.