certified laughter yoga leader training september 23 -25, 2016

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Keswick, Virginia.

A lakefront retreat center nestled between two horse farms about 2 hours south of Washington, DC.

September 23 — 25, 2016

A most fun weekend packed with 12+ hours of laughter, relaxation, connection and learning.

Leigh and Kristin

Experience matters! They've taught 9 Laughter Yoga trainings and led thousands of diverse groups over 10+ years.


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YogaLaughs Teachers for our 10th Training!

Kristin Jo Freed Certified Laughter Yoga Teacher

Kristin Jo Freed, MA, CLYT

Kristin Jo Freed, MA, Certified Laughter Yoga Teacher, began her journey with Laughter Yoga when she was trained as a leader in Yogaville, Virginia, through Bharata Wingham, in 1995. She continued to study with the founder of Laughter Yoga, Dr. Madan Kataria, in the early years of the Laughter Yoga movement and became a Certified Laughter Yoga Teacher.

For more than two decades, Kristin has led many diverse groups in Laughter Yoga and has assisted in six YogaLaughs Certified Leader trainings. Her open-heartedness and practicality is always well received. She demonstrates her commitment to laughter "for the health of it" with her personal practice using laughter as meditation, which she shares at trainings. Kristin also offers a 8-week laughter intensives, leading laughter yoga with individuals once a week at their homes, coupled with laughing with them on the phone for 5 minutes a day. She is very comfortable with her own laugh and laughing with others.

Kristin believes Laughter Yoga is a powerful gateway to personal and world peace.

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Leigh Meredith Certified Laughter Yoga Teacher

Leigh Meredith, BS, CLYT

Leigh has led over one thousand groups in Laughter Yoga throughout the East coast, with clients ranging from The Homestead Resort to The Federal Government. She has enjoyed creating and teaching 9 weekend Certified Laughter Yoga Leader Trainings (see pics above), as well as a variety of Laughter Yoga retreats. Her life-long path of play has provided crucial "fuel" for her to continue the art of living.

Leigh was drawn to be trained as a laughter yoga leader in 2006 through Bharata Wingham in Yogaville, Virginia. In 2010, after starting a laughter club and leading diverse groups, she studied with the founder of Laughter Yoga, Dr. Madan Kataria, to become a Certified Laughter Yoga Teacher.

Leigh graduated from Guilford College and has traveled throughout the Western world where she always recognizes the universal language of mirthful laughter to communicate affection and peace. She currently also designs websites for heart-based businesses, creates concoctions with Emu oil for healing and enjoys writing, deliberately playing each day, and going on silent retreats. Most of all, she loves to see faces and lives light up with laughter.

↳ Read some of our training testimonials here!


What are YogaLaughs trainings like? Get feedback from participants and a glimpse into a few trainings in this seriously silly video! We hope you'll join us.


Laugh more during this weekend than any other. Enjoy a beautiful, serene setting. Leave glowing with joy and confidence.

If you're looking simply to laugh and deeply relax for a weekend, this is for you. If you're also wanting to lead laughter yoga with diverse groups, you'll get the tips, teaching and practice to lead with skill and confidence. Looking for more light-heartedness? You can take your personal practice of laughter yoga home and uncover new levels of joy and health in your relationships and day to day living.

  • The Basic Times & Dates

    Friday, September 23.
    Registration and Welcome: 6:00 p.m.
    Friday Night Session I: 7:00 — 9:00 p.m.

    Saturday, September 24.
    Breakfast: 7:30 — 9 a.m.
    Silent Meditation: 8:30 — 9 a.m.
    Session II, 9 a.m. — Noon
    Lunch, Noon — 1 p.m.
    Session III, 1 — 5:00 p.m.
    Dinner, offsite or BYO.
    Optional Session, 7 — 8 p.m.

    Sunday, September 25.
    Breakfast: 7:30 — 9 a.m.
    HO HO HA HA Meditation: 8:30 — 9 a.m.
    Session IV, 9 — Noon.
    Checkout: 1 p.m.

  • More About What We'll Do

    The weekend kicks off Friday night with a one hour, high-energy laughter yoga session which is OPEN TO THE PUBLIC. Group introductions follow and you'll get your toes wet leading laughter yoga.

    Saturday is filled with inspiration, teaching, practice, coaching and (of course), loads of laughter.

    There is an optional Gamma Wave Session Saturday evening for those wanting to explore the deeper, more personal benefits of prolonged laughter.

    Sunday morning, don't miss the HO HO HA HA meditation. We've done this since the first training and so far everyone loves it.

    There will be time for more practice (we tend to get really silly at this point), and some tested advice about the practicality of starting and maintaining a laughter yoga club. Then you'll graduate and get your certification to lead!

    We're also offering 12 CEs through Yoga Alliance (no cost).

YogaLaughs Laughter Yoga Leader Training Virginia
Lakefront location: Bridge Between the Worlds Retreat Center

Curious About Laughter Yoga?

Get loads of information, articles, pictures and video clips on the founder's website, laughteryoga.org.


  • Where is the Retreat Center?

    Bridge Between the Worlds Retreat Center is located in Virginia's horse country, Keswick, Virginia. The center is nestled between two horse farms and has a 3-acre lake, hot tub, infrared sauna, outside Japanese-style baths and shower, a fire pit, trails, a full gourmet kitchen and more. We've held several of our trainings here and love it! Visit their website here. Please note: Many people who rely on their GPS to find the center get very lost. Please use the directions on the website here.

  • How do I reserve lodging?

    The lodging options at the retreat center are now reserved. If you are on a budget, there are two inflatable twin mattresses which can be used overnight in the main teaching room for $25 per night. Although it's a beautiful time of year, camping is discouraged.

    Please reserve all remaining retreat center lodging through Leigh Meredith.

    The surrounding area has many lovely offsite options including lodging at vineyards and B&Bs. Get a list here for suggested lodging near the center.

    Please reserve all lodging as early as possible. Late September is nearing peak fall foliage season in Virginia.

  • Are meals provided?

    The price for 3 meals is $30 and is included in your tuition.

    We provide Saturday breakfast and lunch and Sunday breakfast. There is a full gourmet kitchen in the center for those wishing to make their own dinner. The area also has many excellent restuarants - check out this blog post about local fare.

  • What are your teaching materials?

    We'll send you a digital copy of your manual a few weeks before the training for your review and to print. When you arrive, we'll also give you a resource CD. We share talks and video clips from notable sources throughout the training (most of which will be on your CD). We add in time tested tips and advice. Our greatest teaching tool is your own laugh. It will teach you more than we ever could.

  • Where can I lead laughter yoga?

    You'll be able to lead with confidence wherever people will let you — gyms, yoga studios, retreats, senior centers, hospitals, jails, parties, business and corporate settings, etc. Some students also incorporate laughter yoga into their current professions, such as mental health, school counseling, yoga meditations, athletic performance, and more. Don't forget your families and friends!

  • Can I earn money leading laughter yoga?

    Absolutely. The possibilites are many. Both Leigh and Kristin will share how they have made money leading laughter yoga. We'll also suggest sensible marketing for you and encourage you to start a public laughter yoga club.

  • How rigorous are the exercises?

    Laughter yoga in no way resembles Hatha or traditional yoga. What makes laughter yoga, "yoga", is how intensely we move our breath using prolonged laughter. It resembles several forms of pranayama. You don't need to be a yoga student to participate or even physically fit. You decide how far you want to take laughter yoga, as you'll be laughing heartily and moving (at whatever intensity) at the same time.

  • How mobile do you need to be?

    The beauty of laughter yoga is that anyone can participate as long as you can laugh. This creates a chance for those with limited mobility to get a gentle cardio workout, filling their lungs with fresh oxygen. The retreat center has flat ground where we will be. Please contact Leigh with specific questions.


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The first package is discounted for currently certified Laughter Yoga professionals through Laughter Yoga International. The second is the standard tuition priced by Dr. Kataria. Note: Meals are included in the package but are extra ($30). Lodging is separate. We always need help so we have (very limited) scholarship discounts. If you are interested in a scholarship discount, please contact Leigh as soon as possible.

You don't need a paypal account to use a credit card. Checks are also accepted. Please email leigh@yogalaughs.com to get more information about where to mail checks. Note: No refunds.

  • For currently certified Laughter Yoga Professionals who would like a "refresher" course. Cost for three meals is included ($30).


  • For new laughter yoga students who will be certified to lead Laughter Yoga. Cost for three meals is included ($30).


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Contact Us

Email Leigh leigh@yogalaughs.com.
Email Kristin: kristin@yogalaughs.com.

Bridge Between the Worlds Retreat Center Information

2395 Paddock Wood Road  |  Keswick, Virginia 22947  |  Get written directions here.
PLEASE NOTE: Many people who rely on their GPS get lost (really lost) on the trip down. Please use the written directions on their website to find the center.
Call the office: 434-293-9708, Email the Director: mm@bbtw.org, Website: bridgebetweentheworlds.com.

Welcome to the 10th YogaLaughs Certified Laughter Yoga Leader Training!